"It is illegal to harvest plants and smoke them. But legal to kill animals and eat them."

— Unknown (via lightmile)

Australia - Ningaloo Reef Dreamworld

Australia - Cities


My last two weeks, i spend in Bali, Indonesia. I arrived there near midnight on the first of August, and went to my first Hostel in Sanur, the Big Pineapple. The Hostel was really nice, i met so many nice people, and there was a Pool and a TV with lots of movies too :). On my first day i walked a little bit around Sanur, to the Beach, and through the main streets near the bis Hotels. Later the day i went to a little Bar with Lifemusic with an english girl from my dorm and we talked to some Indonesian guys. I stayed in the Big Pineapple for 11 nights, did a lots of sunbathing, went to Ubud and the Monkey Forest two times, went to the Beach in Kuta several times and went partying with some people from my hostel, and didn’t spend a cent! (free entry + free drinks between 9 and 10. We really should have something like that in Germany!). I also tried to surf again, and helped a german girl i met, and she stand at her first try :)! I also did a lots of shopping too, iafter Australia everything was soo cheap! And the food . I have to say that i spend most of my time in Bali with sunbathing, shopping and eating :D. But i was on holidays, so i think that’s ok :). 

ten. westcoast.

Haven’t wrote for 2 month now. Damn. After my last days in Melbourne with Anika i took a flight to Perth and started a trip to Monkey Mia and Coral Bay. My actual plan was to go to Exmouth, but things were more complicated than expected (like always here in aus :D). Before i left Perth to go to Denham i met Mareike Leefen in Perth and we had dinner and stuff. It was soo funny to met somebody from the Summit here in Perth, and it was so not planned^^. I spend the whole next day in the Greyhound Bus to Denham and met Meagan, Tara, two girls from Canada. They went to Monkey Mia the next day, and i decided to move to Monkey Mia too after i spend my day in Denham and figured out that there is actually not that much to do. I got 2 nights for free in the Monkey Mia Resort because there was a booking-confusion with my E-Nights :). After i saw that i was in the same room with Meagan and Tara i went to the beach, to see the Dolphins. I saw Dolphins before in Byron Bay, but never that close, so i was really excited :). Then i booked a Camelride for the next day, and spend my time with reading and drawing. I got up early the next morning again, to see the Dolphins, and after that we did the Camelride. the Camelride was really amazing. The guide, or let me say camelwhisperer, Hank really knew what he did and you could see how much he loved his camels. And they were so soft and lovely :). I fall in love with them :D After that Gregor took us for a ride around Sharkbay. We went to Shell Beach, saw the Eagle Bluff and had a nice sunset, ate some dinner and played pool in the evening. The next day Tara and Meagan left early to go back to Perth and i took the bus at midday to go to Coral Bay. The next day i booked the Whalesharkthing (which i was soo looking forward too) and layed on the beach all day long :>. Next day our trip started with snorkeling over the Ningaloo Reef, which was just sooo beautiful. And we also saw a Reefshark and a Turtle. Later we had lunch and then : the first whaleshark arrived. Soo amazing! Our first one was around 7 mentres, and we snorkeld with two other ones aswell :). Then we had some more time to explore the Reef and got our referees before we came back to coral bay. I spend the next morning sunbathing again, and took the bus in the afternoon to go back to Perth. I arrived at 6 in the morning after 15h without sleep, and spend my hours to the Check-In time at Gloria Jean’s Cafe and in the Travelworks Office.  I checked in, took a shower, and went to sleep :D.  I spend 10 more days in Perth, met up with Falk, a friend from Germany, and got to know Björn, Jan, Mark, Julius and Mo, 5 guys from Germany i spend a lot of time sitting in the dining area doing nothing with :D :). I also went to Fremantle and saw the Movie Brave with  Kat in the Cinema. I went to AussiJobs several times, and also was looking for a job on my own, till i finally got the Job in Boyup Brook, to be a Barmaid in the local hotel.  I left Perth on the 29th and went to Boyup Brook with the Train and the Bus. When i arrived i met Manon and her friedn Imi, Katrin, Anett and the two irish girl Elaine and Tina, who just arrived on the same day. To sum up my month in Boyup Brook : I learned how to pour beer, played a lot of pool and spend most of my time in the Pub/Bar. Manon and Imi just left after a week, and Anett and Katrin after 3. I learned to know a lots of people, like Freddy, who came in every day to drink his XXXX Gold, or Lenny who i played alots of Pool with and who showed me how to fish and drive the car. To drive the car was sooo funny :D i just started and after 10 metres 4 kangaroos jumped over the street. OMG! :D Sometimes i hated Boyup, and sometimes i loved it, but in the end i can say that i had a good time there, and that i learned a lot. So i’m back in Perth again, flying to Bali in 5 hours :D. Hope i can tell a little bit more when i come back. Cheers, Fritzi. 


Well… My flight ro Cairns was actually not that nice. I thought i had 30ks of Luggage so i only booked 20ks extra Luggage… Which was… 10 to less. Damn was i shocked :D. I would have had to pay 150$ for my extra Luggage, so i decided to throw some of my stuff to pay less. I throwed 8ks under tears! Clothes, bookes, lots of small things like ‘Waschpulver’ (:D?),  Watte(!), etc. I took some more cloth on so in the end i hadn’t had to pay more, even if i still had 2ks to much (hope everything is going to be alright, when i’m flying to Perth…). The flight was quite short, but when we started to land my ears started to hurt sooo fucking much that i really thought my brain or something else is going to burst out. So i was quite in a done mode when i met Linus, Anika and Heli in Cairns :D. Damn was i done :D. Next day we went to town to book our Great Barrier Reef snorkeling  tour and Anikas and mine Skydive. The Great Barrier Reef was sooo beautiful! Even if i think our spot was not that good… But it was still very nice, and we had so nice food on board :>. Anika and me had to wait one day longer for our Skydive ‘cause the weather was so bad, but when we made it it was quite… scary :D. I have to say that i was not that taff as i always pretend to be. Fuck was i scared in the moment we hopped out of the flying plane :D. And my ears hurted again, bloody hell. If somebody is ever going to see my video… i really look unhappy in the end :D. Whatever… I did it! And i’m happy about it. Yo! After the Skydive we went out with Lonna, a friend of Anika and Heli, ‘cause it was her birthday. It was quite nice, but i was not drunk enough (going to drink more when i’m going out with Anika tomorrow :>). We also went to a Rivercruise in Daintree, a couple of hours from Melbourne, to see some Crocodiles. But serious, they are not that exciting :P. I was more into the Kingfishers we saw aswell. We finally left Cairns on the 23rd to head inwards Australia to the Red Centre. It took us 4 days to arrive in Alice Springs, and we immediatly booked a 3-day-Uluru-Tour for the next day. The tour started at 6 in the morning, but we stood up to early ‘cause we missed that the timezone had changed again (quite a confusing thing here in Australia, the timezone changed 4 times in the last weeks :D). After some hours just driveing (and telling everybody about our first and last kiss :D) we arrived at our first stop: the Kings Canyon! And did our first really hard scrambeling there :D. But it was really nice, and i made heaps of pictures :). After that we head up to our first nightcamp, where we made a small bonfire, cooked something like Chilli Con Carne (is it spelled like that? :O), and sleeped in Swags. Quite strange to sleep without at least a tent above your head, so i closed the swag as much as it was possible, ‘cause i didn’t wanted a spider to walk across my face at night (forgot to tell that we had a handbig Huntsman in our tent the first night of our roadtrip :D). But i slept quite well i have to say, and the stars were just stunning! Next day we went to Kata Tjuta, also called the Olgas, and did a quite physical hard climb there aswell. But i really liked these rocks (to be honstes: they are more impressive than the Uluru). We also visited the Cultural Centre of the National Park and finally did a small walk next to a part of the Uluru (One of the most impressive facts was that the rock we can see is actually just 1/10 of the whole rock!). We saw the sunset and went to our second camp to sleep a second night in our swags :). The sunrise the next day was really unspectacular, and i was to lazy to walk around the Uluru, so i just went on with reading the ‘The Hunger Games’ book (already read the second part aswell, and was in the movie with Anika last week in Adelaide). The camelriding was actually my personal highlight at the Uluru-Tour, it was soo fun!
Two days later Anika and me left Alice Springs with the Ghan, ‘cause we had a problem with our car. It took us 24h down to Adelaide, so we where quite happy when we arrived in our Hostel in Adelaide. We spend 3 days in total in Adelaide, visited some cool graffiti spots, wandered through the shopping mile, made bubbles, were in the cinema and sang Disney Songs. Now we are back in Melbourne from our Great Ocean Road tour, and going t have a great shopping and partying day tomorrow. Thats it :). 

8: after 2 month in stanthorpe :)

Sooo… Nach 2 Monaten dann mal wieder ein Eintrag. Um alles auf die Reihe zu bekommen muss ich wirklich in meinem Kalender alles nachschauen :D. Bin also am 7.3 nach Brisbane aufgebrochen, wo ich dann um die 5 Stunden Aufenthalt hatte, die ich mit Postkarten ausdrucken und Shoppen verbracht habe (new hippie-pants from the ‘tree of life’-shop). Danach gings dann weiter nach Stanthorpe wo mich Niki vom Hostel aufgegabelt hat und zum Summit gebracht hat, wo ich dann die letzten zwei Monate geschuftet habe^^. Am nächsten Tag gings dann auch um 7.30 los… bzw zog sich die gesamte Einführung, auf der Apfelfarm auf der ich als Team mit Svenja (einer deutschen die vorher schon eine Weile im Hostel gewesen war) und Marleen (einer neuen Holländerin) als Applepicker arbeiten sollte, über den ganzen Tag hinweg und im Endeffekt haben wir nur eine Stunde gearbeitet. Nunja :) Am ersten Wochende wurde dann ordentlich getrunken (wie jedes weitere Wochenende danach) und die Leute im Hostel kennen gelernt. Es folgte ein weiteres Wochenende an dem wir den St.Patricks Day gefeiert haben und Sonntags Paintball spielen waren. Zwischendurch wechselten sich auch die Teams beim Applepicking bis ich im Endeffekt nurnoch mit Svenja gearbeitet habe, und lernen musste den Traktor zu fahren :D… was soll ich sagen… auf dem Ding fühlt man sich ziemlich lässig, obwohl ich in der ersten Woche jeden Tag mindestens einen oder fast-einen Unfall hatte^^ (ohne Gear den Berg runter fahren etc. :P). Zurück zu den Wochenenden: Tequila-Party, Lagerfeuer mit Marshmallows & Gitarrenmusik (da alle Zammitbrüder + Niki (= Staff) musikalisch mega begabt sind und alle in einer Band spielen), Tagesausfkug zum Boonoo Boonoo National Park (Inklusive schwimmen gehen, vom Felsen springen und den Wasserfall runter klettern), Girraween National Park, Trips zum örtlichen Pub etc. Die Wochenenden waren also eig. immer ziemlich gelungen, nicht minder zu verdanken dem Goon und ein wenig Gras von Zeit zur Zeit. Bevor ich dann nach 5 Wochen bei Rizzatos gekündigt habe, hab ich nochmal zwei dicke Traktorunfälle gebaut :D. Erst bin ich mit meinem zweiten Trailer in einem LKW… hängen geblieben. Und am Tag darauf hab ich nen Baum entwurzelt, und bin beim Versuch ihn nicht zu sehr zu demolieren in einem Zaun hängen geblieben, so dass wir einen Cherrypicker um Hilfe bitten mussten : D. Am 12 April war dann mein erster Tag bei den Zucchinis (ziemlich spontan da Mareike 10 Minuten bevor es los ging in mein Zimmer gestürmt kam, mich geweckt und gefragt hat ob ich heut bei Rizzatos blau machen möchte :D). Mitte April sind dann Heli und Anika gegangen (zwei von den Deutschen Mädels mit denen ich am meisten zu tun hatte), und eine Woche später dann auch Svenja. Mit Mareike, Schotti und Carina war ich dann irgendwann mal im Kino (the lucky one), und Anfang diesen Monats endlich endlich mal wieder Shoppen (neue Ballerinas und Vans Chukka Lows + endlich ein neues Aufladegerät für meine Kamera :)). Linus und ich wurden dicke Weed-Buddys bis er dann leider spontan zwei Wochen eher als geplant abgehauen ist, um Heli (seine Freundin) wieder zu sehen, weil er bei seinem Job gekündigt wurde. Da wurde mir das erste mal richtig bewusst wie schwer es beim Traveln ist immer wieder neue Leute kennen zu lernen und wieder gehen zu lassen (aber jzt bin ich ja erstmal wieder mit Heli, Anika und Linus unterwegs :)). Bei den Zucchinis wurde ich dann nach 3 Wochen picken (was verdammt nochmal mega anstrengend ist, auch wenn Corrado der netteste Chef den ich bisher kennen gelernt hab ist, und man sich an den schmerzenden Rücken gewöhnt) in den Shed zum packen befördert (was nochmal soviel Stress, eiskalte und konstant nasse Hände, und den ganzen Tag stehen und dazu gehörige Schmerzen bedeutet). Zwei weitere gute Pubnächte gabs zwischendrin (auf die ich hier echt nicht eingehen kann :D) wie auch ein weiteres eher gechilltes grünes Bonfire. Am siebten Mai kam dann der Anruf: “Fritzi, komm nach Cairns, wir starten nen Roadtrip!”. 1 1/2 Wochen hatte ich also Zeit um meinen restlichen Kram mit dem second Visa zu klären, um Stanthorpe und das Summit einen Monat früher als eigentlich zu verlassen. Abschlussmäßig waren wir in meiner letzten Woche mit den Zucchinis und Corrado Spotlighten (Kängurus jagen, zu dem ich leider nicht mehr sagen kann, da es illegal ist :D), und am Tag darauf gabs ein letztes mal lecker BBQ mit Pilzen, Pumpkin, Zucchinis und Ro-Fleisch. Sonntag bekam ich dann meinen ersten DREAD! Im gegenzug bekam Carin(a) Rastas während wir Disney geschaut haben :D. Tjoah, nach meinem letzten Arbeitstag am Montag (inklusive Schlammbad, Schwimmen im See und Biskuitrolle), und einem letzten mal trinken in der Winery gings dann Dienstag Mittag zusammen Mit Pedey, Pille und Seb nach Brisi zum Airport wo wir dann den halben Tag (Pedey und Daniel ein bissel länger…) auf unsere Flüge gewartet haben. Beim Einchecken der Schock: 40 Kilo :D! Und dafür hätte ich genau soviel nochmal drauflegen müssen wie der Flug itself gekostet hat. Also unter Tränen über 8 Kilo in den Müll gekippt (glückspilz der diesen bin leert :D). Dann währen mir beim Landen fast die Ohren geplatzt, und die Happy Reunion war ziemlich Tränenreich… und Gehörlos :D. Tjaha… Und vorgestern waren wir dann Snorkeln. Da kann man nichts dazu sagen. Machen, selber sehn, wunderschön. Wobei topable wie ich glaube. Das Great Barrier Reef hat bestimmt noch schönere Spots zu bieten :). Heute wollte ich eigentlich mit Anika Skydiven gehen, was aber aufgrund des schlechten Wetters auf Morgen verschoben wurde :). Also sitze ich bei TravelBugs und schreibe mehr oder weniger notgedrungen meinen Blog weiter. Wirrsehn :)


3 Monate arbeiten & Geld ansparen, von Brisbane hoch nach Cairns, ne Weile in Cairns arbeiten, zur Mitte und zur Westküste, nach Tassie, von Brisbane runter nach Sydney (Byron, Yamba, Coffs Harbour etc.) und ab die Post. So ungfähr. Mal schaun :D

Seven - and i think the last one for the next 2 or 3 month^^

I’m in Byron now and leaving tomorrow to go to Stanthorpe, to a workinghostel called The Summit. It was very spontaneous (? :D), but i think it’s good and i’m a little bit excited aswell. But i can work! And thats’s great! :) So many things happened :D. I had a couple of more nice days with Jackies Family in Sydney, incluseing the Jetboating at the Opera House Harbour, great Cappuchino at a chocolate cafe, and relaxed movies-watching on Jackies place. On the 6th i moved back to the city and checked in into The Railway yha. I recieved a parcel from home with a wrong cameracable, which depressed me so much that i spontaneuosely bough the WWOOFing book :D. WWOOF means Willing Workers On Organic Farms. I spend my evening to read a little bit in it and to search for WWOOOFing farms in the area of Byron Bay. So i spend my days writing requests to WWOOfing farms in the near of Byron Bay. I also met Luise and Lena, and we did a free sydney walking tour together (which really was not as bad as the most tours are), and met on one evening to watch the Cars 2 movie at the Central yha with free salty popcorn :D. I also met Isabell (a Bonita-friend of mine ;D) and Astrid her friend in this week, and met Brad (Jackies son) on Friday to go to Newtown and the ‘Harry Potter - The Exhibition’-thing in Sydneys Powerhouse. I also went with him to the gig of his band ‘The Sparrows’, and it was soo good :). The band and the music after was great, and i had yummy vodka-redbulls which did’t let me sleep that night :D. On my last weekend in Sydney i was in Collaroy, had my first surflesson, did some practicing, got the acception from my WWOOFing farm, drunk coconutmilk out of a coconut etc. :D. But it was a good weekend! :). It was a little bit chaotic to get my brown shoes which i had forgotten in Liverpool, and catch my train to Casino/Mullumbimby at 14.15 on one day, but i made it :D. I had luck and nobody was on the seat beside me so i had an “ok” slepp while my travel :D. Had to change to a bus in Casino, but that was alright and i arrived in Mullum at 6.15am. I met Barbara a dutch woman who picked me up in Mullum and who lived with her husband Rhoe (?) and her two lovely kids Pip and Sky at Judes place aswell. I spend something like 2 1/2 weeks at Jude and most of the time it was alright. She had a beautiful house in the mittle of the rainforstes on a hill. But it was just… a mess. Don’t know why but she (it figured out that Jude was not a man :D) was just not able to handle the household, and Sam… And the thing is that it was not really WWOOFing :D. I just cleaned the house and played with Sam. It was quite hard with Sam, but i did it, so i’m alright :D. It was a job for me and a opportunity to eat :D. And i just looved my big bed and my wooden room^^. To get it short, i worked for Jude, went to a lovely hippie market in Mullum with Barb and her family once, visited Crystal Castle, worked on the street, saw my first wallabies and lizards, had selfmade-bread, a community-pancakes-breakfast on Sams 4th Birthday, had my first day off in Byron and a horrible 7h play with Sam on a day when Jude had a Workshop on her place. On Wednesday the 29th it was my Birthday so i asked for a half-day-off to be able to stay one night in Byron from Tuesday to Wednesday. And Tuesday was just great! Good weather, and i did a walk to the lighthouse! And this was so beautiful, not the lighthouse itself, but the walk was! Byron has really nice cliffs and nature around it, and it was really stunning. And i saw rays in the water and dolphins in the far! :>. I had pancakes for dinner, and they went out very well :). I met Jessi, (who i met on the next day aswell to go to the beach together), and went to the beach at 11.30. It was soo beautiful. The beach, the waves, the light from the lighthouse and the stars! The sky here i very different to ours in Germany. You can see so much more! more stars and also kind of sphere around them. I went back to Judes on Wednesday and left her on Saturday to go back to Byron to stay at Sofies, a couchsurfer-host who i met on the communitywebsite. I stayed with her and her boyfirend Will till today, and it was really a new experience :D. Will and Sofie were very earth-based people, with a connection to the universe, and a addiction to meditation, massaging, herbs and healing. They showed me some beautiful places in Byron, like a Creek on the beach with special browngold water :). Yesterday i found a workinghostel in Stanthrope, and tomorrow i’ll go there. :) See you in 3 month :D.

things i miss in Oz:

- meinen Scanner!
- mir Filme reinziehen.
- meine allerliebste Juli
- von Zeit zu Zeit auch zocken :D
- günstiger guter Alkohol ._.
- meine Musiksammlung :>
- hohe Schuhe (wobei die ja nun kommen :))
- schnelles Internet
- ein eigenes Zimmer (wobei ich mein WWOOFing Bett echt liebe :))
- jaja, auch die Family von Zeit zu Zeit :D